Sketch of monster design, inspired by Tim Burton style. Started in Animation Class (2007) finished using Sketchbook Pro and Sketchbook Ink for iPad.

Commission and weekly drawing challenge: Wolverine, X-Men
background images belong to Marvel.

Weekly drawing challenge: Halloween

Weekly Drawing Challenge: Miyazaki
Howl, from Howl's Moving Castle

Weekly Drawing Challenge: ZELDA

Weekly drawing challenge: Your childhood fears.
Had a lot of them...lets face it, movies you're too young to watch...they're terrifying.

Weekly drawing challenge this week...create your favourite video game character in steampunk style!

Created these guys for a weekly drawing challenge. This week was ReBoot characters. you were to either design your own, or re-design original characters. I chose to create my own from scratch. On the left is Python. He's a Worm-Virus. and on the right is Pixel. She's a Guardian Cadette, newly appointed to a system with her own keytool known as 'Intel'.

Probably one of the only contests I have ever entered on DeviantArt, RIFT, the new MMORPG (mass multiplayer online role playing game) has asked deviants to create massive creatures called Colossus for their game. I figured, why not? This could be a big chance to get into game design.

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