Friday, April 20, 2012

Webpage updates

So now that classes are out of the way for the next few weeks, I finally got a chance to work on my online portfolio site. Really happy with the way it has turned out so far.

Still have lots of videos I want to upload of commercial animation, and some film projects.

Also going to be spending some time this week just messing around with Maya, working on my modelling skills, make some new shinies to post online.

I've also finally started to get back into sketching. (Love having some time for myself :) )

Been working on a tattoo design for a friend, as well as a compilation of drawings for my co-workers.

Over the summer I intend to get back to my concept art projects that I've had little time to work on, tired of neglecting them.

Also going to be starting to work on my new tail soon! so excited! will hopefully get some pictures and a new blog up and running for the mermaid side of life.

stay tuned!

be sure to check out the new portfolio:

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