Thursday, March 8, 2012

Quick Update!

so a few things!

yay! homework is getting done, been pounding out the maya today, got 2 weeks worth of homework done so far, and halfway through week 3 :) woot!

finally caught up on math practice, not feeling so panicked when I see matrices now. I will conquer this class, no matter what!

AND on a note that has nothing to do with school....

Finally started buying supplies to make my tail! so stoked, bought like 1 million sequins in every colour you could imagine, so both myself and Courtney Mermaid will have lots of shinies to put on our new tails.

Next step will be buying fabric and paint! really want to work on this and hopefully get it all sewn and completed before next semester starts! that gives me like 3 weeks to get supplies and work like crazy on it!

ok so it probably won't be done, BUT it'll be started! yay! goal is for both of us to have new tails by summer!!! gotta have those new scales all polished and looking good for the beach :)

We also had an exciting encounter at the pool the other night, got to meet another mermaid! go figure! we knew there were a few mermaids floating around Vancouver, but who would have thought that there would be more of us swimming in the same pool!

this calls for a tail meet!!

check out information on mermaiding and any awesome updates on :)

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